The Deva SJ Team

For the 2021 summer season, our team has layered down to our core essence.


We look forward to a full and thriving team again for the 2022 season!

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Deva SoulJourneys

emBodied Yoga School NM

Radically Rooted YTT


SoulJourney Program Coordinator

Returning SoulJourney Instructor

Summer Search Alummna

Deva SoulJourney Alumna


Radically Rooted YTT Instructor

SoulJourney Consultant

Summer Search SoulJourney Alumna

Deva SoulJourney Alumna


I acknowledge my whiteness and all the privilege is has afforded me in this lifetime.


As an ally, anti-racist, and co-conspiritor I am wholeheartedly committed to the intentional and lifelong process of breaking down barriers to access and opening up safe spaces for humans from all walks of life to engage in radical self-reflection, inclusive community connections, courageous conversations, and transformational emBodied healing practices.

I am a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult) Afro-Taina entrepreneur from Philadelphia.


Through my business, The Morenita Collection, LLC, I seek to empower BIPOC individuals to embrace the roots of their crowns through traditional headwrapping, positive affirmations that promote self love and self healing, and through the art of ASL (American Sign Language).

I am an artist, musician, and space holder that works to birth collective liberation with joy.


At the root of my work is centering the body as a site of reclaiming power and healing..