Winter Wonders

After two days of wintery weather and blustery rest stops, I finally arrived at my destination, a long-awaited life-lister: The Canadian Rockies.

As I drove the nearly 1000 miles of wide-open road, I reflected on past hurts, recent pain, and life loss. I thought it all out until my mind was no longer filled with the swirling muck of heartbreak, grief, and loss. Somewhere along the way I was released. Clear. Unthethered. Perhaps it happened along the 20 mile stretch of unplowed road I traveled just south of the Canadian border and was so focused I forgot to blink or breathe.

As I drove away from my current home, nestled in the sweeping spaciousness of the southwest, I was welcomed by the towering glaciers of this epic northern landscape. Snow-capped jagged mountain tops peaked out mischievously from above the thick clouds, blanketing them in layers of warmth and mystery. These mountains winked at me and said, welcome to a new kind of home. One where powder-white, jaw-dropping, epically-beautiful scenery clears out the mental clutter and soothes the soul and newfound adventure heals the heart. Let's play!

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