Goblin Valley Adventure Club

We loaded up the van, trailer, and Sean's new truck with 12 Tweens, enough snack food to keep even the most ornery of boredom-hunger at bay, and turned the tunes up for our four-hour drive from SLC to Goblin Valley State Park.

We arrived, mostly without incident, to our rental yurt after dark. Much to our dismay we found the door locked and huddled together for warmth as the temperature threatened to drop down into the teens. We scoured screenshots of past e-mails (no cell service out there) and, with a huge cumulative sigh of relief, found and successfully used the door code.

Once inside, we quickly discovered the space to be much too small for our tribe and so almost ALL of those adventurous kiddos puppy-piled out on the porch! They laughed and chatted almost all night long while gazing at the totally clear and fantastically star-studded sky.

The next day we had a super lazy morning and got a near-noon start in Wild Horse Canyon. They hiked up a storm and loved the slot canyons. Sean and I had to pass Kaya a few times but all in all it was an easy and fun trek for everyone.

Back at camp, most of the club explored hidden "slot" canyons nearby then ate a hearty dinner of dutchie nachos before settling comfortably (read: stumbled half-delirious with exhaustion) into their tents.

Early Sunday morning we started our lengthly trek home. The friendships already seemed different, deeper and more comfortable. Conversation seemed to flow easier and everyone played car games. We all found ourselves feeling a little melancholy but already anticipating our next fun and exciting adventure to the Bear River Yurts in February!





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