Deva SoulJourney Interships

“To be whole. To be complete.

Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

— Terry Tempest Williams, naturalist and “citizen writer”


Deva SoulJourney (SJ) Internships are excellent opportunities for anyone seeking to work with youth, learn about themselves, expand their leadership potential, and grow as a person. 

As a summer intern, you will participate in health and wellness activities like yoga and meditation, practice facilitating workshops rooted in themes of identity and social justice, and help first-year Summer Search adventure experience participants feel comfortable and safe in their new environment.


Deva partners with Summer Search to host four (4) SoulJourneys each summer. You have an opportunity to work with two, three, or four SoulJourney groups during your internship.

SoulJourneys were originally designed to meet the needs of self-identifying girls between the ages of 14 - 19 with a history of pain and trauma. Throughout the years, we have transformed to meet the needs of all youth from marginalized populations who need support, allies, and co-conspirators. Our team thrives on cultivating opportunities for connection, liberation, and empowerment.


Our humanness shines through everything we do, from our deep investment to inclusion to our bone deep longing to heal pain and trauma as a way to cultivate a liberated cultural norm where all beings experience feeling seen, heard, and valued. Come change the world with us!

Who should apply?

  • ​Summer Search alumna

  • Aspiring educators

  • Anyone interested in a career in experiential or outdoor education

  • People passionate about making this world a better place where all humans have access to living their best lives!