Deva SoulJourneys

Yoga. Art. Adventure.

"SoulJourney" -

taking a deep dive into Self through reflection, journaling, and creative expression;

being challenged and nurtured by the healing power of nature;

cultivating lasting bonds with others through sacred & shared experience

Upcoming Deva SoulJourney Dates:


SJ I - June 21st - July 4th, 2021

SJ II - July 7th - July 20th, 2021

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What exactly is a Deva SoulJourney?

A time to go shut off your log off social media and....

build trust, share your story, take risks, and 

create lifelong friendships with the other members of your group. 


A time to be so present in the now there is nowhere else to be but here.

A time to remember who you are and rekindle who you want to be.


Fear, anticipation, hope & excitement are common feelings.


Going away from home for the first time can feel scary.

Let us support you. Your voice will be heard. 


We will spend several days base camping and getting to know each other.

We will take time to learn the skills we need to thrive during our backcountry wilderness expedition.


Out on the trail, we start each day with outdoor yoga for anyBody, hike a few miles with our backpacks to beautiful & inspiring settings, learn to cook delicious & nourishing food with limited supplies, participate in experiential & creative workshops on topics that matter, laugh....a lot , and close each day with a sacred share circle. 

Learn more about our mission here.


Year after year, Summer Search Deva SoulJourney participants reflect on their experience and offer advice to next year's participants. 


This is what a few of them have to say:

"...enjoy the little moments you have, cause it will go by so quickly..."

- Myeta, Boston SS

"Enjoy your SoulJourney! This is an amazing experience and opportunity...allow yourself to be open...there will be a lot of tears and a lot of being there for each other. Don't give up on yourself!"

- Gabriella, Boston SS

"You will meet girls you wish were your neighbors...just enjoy the silly, and always tie your hiking boots tight."

- Joanna, Bay Area SS 

Don't be scared, be strong, be fearless. Be open, be vulnerable, cry, ugly cry, hard cry. Be empowered, be enlightened...always pick yourself back up, never underestimate yourself. Give yourself time, breathe, take breaks. Most of all, be patient, be calm, and be loving. You are capable to do anything if you put your mind and your to it."  

- Leydi, Bay Area SS


" The best piece of advice that will keep you sane? Have fun and stay positive!"

- Jessica, Boston SS

"Be open to your feelings. If you allow yourself to this you will create quick and easy bonds. This journey is going to be filled with crying and that is okay. If you open yourself you will find out new things about is okay to let yourself feel."

- Miriam, Boston SS

"Be positive and have an might want to go home in the beginning, but at the end, you will never want to leave."

- Lorra, NY SS

"Dear next group,

Be patient.

Be open.

Be responsible.

Don't be rude.

Be accepting.

Get along with everyone.

Don't allow issues to escalate. 

Be yourself."

- Lesly, Bay Area SS

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