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Deva SoulJourneys

We offer transformative adventure treks that incorporate yoga, expressive arts, self-reflection, and backcountry travel. Each three-week expedition incorporates hiking, class II river rafting, and plenty of opportunities to create deep and meaningful bonds with other teen girls.

These epic adventures for teen girls have been described by many a participant as a "journey to self love."

SoulJourneys are deeply transformative adventure experiences that honor the whole Self and create space for identifying and voicing who that really is. 




Connect with your Body.

Connect with your Self.

Heal YourSelf in the deepest, most intimate,

and sustainable of ways.

We do the work together. 

All of you is welcome here. 

Private Healing Sessions Available:


Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Massage

90 minute sessions - $80

60 minute sessions - $60

Couples Yoga Therapy - $100

Deva SoulJourneys is currently hiring

field instructors for our 2020 summer season!


Each SoulJourney is 3-weeks and includes guided yoga and meditation, self-reflection and journaling, creative arts activities, expedition backpacking, and class II river rafting. 


Our instructors are deeply intuitive humans who resonate with

soul work, creative expression, and a regular personal yoga practice. 

They also have a wealth of backcountry experience and

are WFR certified. 

Looking to gain a life-changing experience working with diverse populations of teen girls?

We actively mentor young professionals who yearn to make a

positive impact on teens.


Over-arching goal for the SoulJourney Internship Program: 

To mentor young womyn from traditionally marginalized  populations into well-paid field-instructor and administrative positions. 

Contact Maddie, our Intern Coordinator, for more information.

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