“It is time for (us) to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”


— Maya Angelou

Diversity is all around us and within us. We are all deeply complex beings with layers of emotional, physical, psychological, psychosocial, and spiritual characteristics.  All are welcome at Deva. We see and honor race, religion, ethnicity, levels of physical ability, and all gender and sexual orientations and expressions. 

The Earth speaks the language of all. Like generations of tribes before us, Deva SoulJourney participants travel like a nomadic family, searching for soul knowledge and shared experiences. Each night on SoulJourneys, the womyn gather together around the fire and share stories of wounding and triumph, pain and joy. They walk miles each day, feeling the earth solidly supportive beneath their feet. They cook together, making meals that nourish and fuel their bodies. They hold one another in times of struggle and cheer each other on relentlessly. 

In an industry traditionally dominated by a masculine heteronormative population, Deva SoulJourneys carve out sacred space where self-identifying womyn can explore cultivating their most authentic and intuitive voice through storytelling, expressive arts, silence and self-reflection, and improvised movement. 

Each SoulJourney group engages in courageous conversations and experiential activities around race, ethnicity, religion, and other identity pieces such as gender expression and sexual orientation. We embody a celebratory spirit and morale for all forms of self-expression and identity and warmly welcome all racial, ethnic, and religious affiliations and all members of the LGBTQ+ community.